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Trade finance is a specialised area of financing that is tailored to and supportive of international trade. According to the World Trade Organisation, an estimated 80% of world trade is financed, making it almost certain that many of the everyday goods we rely on have benefited from either domestic or international financing.

Companies operating in sustainable production, food & agriculture, renewables, FMCG, pharma/healthcare, recycling and circular sectors.


Europe (including Emerging Europe), Africa, Indian Sub-continent, Middle East and Southeast Asia.


Tailored financial solutions: Supplier pre-payment, inventory management (SMA, CMA), and flexible payables (trade loans, insured/uninsured receivables).


Minimum Tangible Net Worth of US$ 5m.


180 days for underlying loans. Tenor must be linked to trade cycle duration and not an artificial extension.


Qbera focuses on companies with strong ESG credentials or commitment to improvement, making it an integral part of our assessment alongside credit/financial metrics.


Strict exclusion criteria: No fossil fuels, palm oil, or "sin" sectors. Geographically, we avoid sanctioned countries as defined by OFAC and others.


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For comprehensive insights into the Trade Finance Fund and to discover how Qbera can actively assist in meeting your business’s diverse liquidity needs, whether through additional funding or alternative solutions, we invite you to contact us.

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