bridging the gap

Qbera Capital presents an exciting opportunity to bridge the gap between technology and financing, enabling enhanced access to clean, affordable, and reliable energy in Europe, Africa, and South Asia.

Through our innovative solutions, we strive to drive sustainable energy transitions and promote economic growth in these regions.


Our work was established with one goal: provide businesses with an easy solution to enable the energy transition of industries to become zero carbon, digital and access competitively priced renewable power.

As opposed to the better-known residential and utility-scale solar industry sectors, commercial solar — or often called C&I solar, referring to commercial and industrial scale — covers a wide range of customer types, with different energy demand requirements, complexity and project sizes across different sectors.

a one-stop solution

We approach the broad spectrum of the energy ecosystem and explore most technologies tallied to the optimal source of generation for your business – including but not limited to bioenergy, renewable heat, solar pv and wind energy infrastructure.

Solar specific, we are working in partnership with Schneider Electric and Schneider Electric Solar in rolling out solar and storage solutions for the commercial and industrial sector across emerging and frontier markets.


We offer flexible clean energy options for businesses at every development stage:

Captive power solutions: We help Corporates structure optimal technical designs and scalable funding models for untapped captive power opportunities, offering attractive investment cases.

Energy as a service: We help large industries diversify their business models with Solar, Hybrid Solutions, and Minigrids, enabling monetization of captive offtakes..

Strategic decarbonization: We partner with companies to access carbon credits and promote sustainability through cross-decarbonization strategies across their businesses and supply chains.

We simplify carbon-free transitions by providing tailored energy solutions, technical support, and accessible funding, removing burdensome work and financing requirements.



Through our expertise and local reach, we intend to fill the gap by unlocking the potential from most business and deploying projects that typically do not fit the larger & slow-moving financial institutions criteria.

Our aim is to ultimately support companies in shaping competitive, bankable assets, UN SDG compliant solutions, in a short period of time.

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