esg framework development

Qbera and Steward Redqueen collaborate to conduct ESG reviews and develop solutions for corporates, improving their sustainable practices. They assess organizations’ ESG performance, analyzing environmental impact, social initiatives, and governance structures.

The partnership offers tailored strategies for enhancing environmental stewardship, social inclusivity, and ethical governance, considering factors like energy efficiency, waste management, responsible supply chains, diversity and inclusion, employee well-being, and ethical business conduct. Actionable recommendations and guidance are provided to drive positive change and long-term sustainability.

impact analysis

Qbera collaborates with Steward Redqueen to provide corporates with comprehensive analysis and quantification of their impact.

Together, we design and implement strategic plans that empower management to leverage data for extracting substantial commercial value. Our integrated approach ensures a thorough understanding of the impact and enables businesses to unlock new opportunities for growth and sustainability.

Sustainable Finance Structuring

Qbera helps corporates structure and raise liquidity through green, sustainable, social, and climate-linked financial mechanisms, supporting their sustainability goals and responsible business practices.

By accessing funding sources like green bonds and sustainability-linked loans, Qbera enables corporates to attract investments while driving positive environmental and social change.

climate strategy

Qbera Capital, in collaboration with industry-leading experts, offers comprehensive assistance to corporates in measuring and managing their greenhouse gas (GHG) footprints. Our dedicated team guides corporates in identifying and capitalizing on opportunities to reduce, replace, and neutralize emissions through the utilization of offsets.

Additionally, we support corporates in generating and monetizing verified carbon credits derived from their climate-positive activities, fostering both environmental sustainability and financial rewards. With our tailored solutions and expertise in sustainable finance, corporates can navigate the complexities of emissions management, unlock value from their sustainability efforts, and contribute to a greener future.

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