The Impact Advisory practice of Qbera seeks to help corporates to improve their ESG / Impact Investment credentials and increase their attractiveness as borrowers. Accordingly, Qbera has partnered with Steward Redqueen to ensure true progress towards sustainability


Overall management of the Impact Investment project

Integrated Corporate Finance services​

Client relationship management and development – both Investors and Corporates​


Steward Redqueen is a specialised consultancy that works across the globe advising organisations on impact and sustainability.

Like any organisation, corporations are looking to operate in harmony with their surroundings and to become sustainable; that is, to be a steward for people and planet. At the same time, corporations are competing for sound market positions. In a globalising economy, the combination of stewardship and competition offers dilemmas, challenges and – above all – opportunities.

The Steward Redqueen team has a strong track record in this area. Steward Redqueen works for corporations and other organisations in developed and emerging markets.